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Dinah Film Festival 2014 deal TODAY and TOMORROW!

Only available online through March 30th (TODAY AND TOMORROW). 

Because CLUB SKIRTS DINAH SHORE WEEKEND loves, Tello Films and OML kick ass, they’ve put together a super sweet special weekend deal for anyone that pre-purchases tickets to the Dinah Film Festival April 4th at the Hilton!!! 

You get a 1 month subscription to AND a PPV on One More Lesbian - THE Lesbian Media Site!!!! FREE!!

So basically for $20 you get live experience of seeing the films and web series, a chance to meet the casts/filmmakers and party with them, an opportunity to win some fun gift bags, AND access to additional Sapphic entertainment enjoyment to tide you over when you’re going through Dinah withdrawals. 

I’m just sayin’, it doesn’t get much better than this. That’s a deal whether you know you can make to the actual festival or not! And don’t forget %100 of the proceeds go to the filmmakers!!

Here’s how: 

1) Like the and One More Lesbian pages on facebook. 
2) Repost this message, and tag them in it. 
3) Once you’ve bought your ticket at, e-mail the confirmation to, and the subscription is yours! 

That simple. Can’t wait to see you at Dinah!!!

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Nine years ago, we began handing out yearly Visibility Awards to the actresses, characters, movies, and TV personalities that promoted positive visibility for gay and bi women. Last year, The AfterEllen Visibility logged nearly one million votes. Now it’s finally time to open the door for you to nominate your favorites for 2013. You can click on each category and leave your nominations in the comments section of the individual posts. Voting will be open until Sunday, December 15th and on Monday, December 16th, we’ll announce the official nominees for each category and you can begin campaigning for your favorites. 

                                   Let The Nominations Begin

Favorite TV Comedy

Favorite TV Drama

Favorite TV Actress

Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character

Favorite Fictional Lesbian Couple

Favorite Reality Series

Favorite Lesbian/Bi Reality Star

Best Movie

Favorite Movie Actress

Best Web Series

Hottest Hookup in Film/TV

Best Music Video

Best Book

Best Tweeter

Favorite Lesbian/Bi Musician

Best Lesbian/Bi Ally

Favorite Lesbian/Bi Athlete

Best Coming Out Story

Favorite Real Life Lesbian Couple

Lesbian/Bi Woman of the Year

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